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Well just off the phone. The Webb Pottery web site and email will be down until sometime tomorrow, Saturday Aug 26th.
In the meantime, here is one of the pots I recently posted to it:

Raku Dragonfly Vessel
8.5″ H x 4.5″ W

Anne Webb, Webb Pottery
Magnolia Springs, AL


My apologies to everyone who has gone to look at our web site or try to email us from the email link in the sidebar here. The webhosting server I have been using has been experiencing some technical difficulties. I can assure you both are still in service and hopefully the problem will be resolved shortly. Thanks for your patience.

They announced the awards for the Vasefinder 2006 National Competition yesterday. The winners this year are:

  • First Place: Blue Flower Pod – John Denis Ransmeier, Weaverville NC
  • Second Place: Howling..Ode to Terri – Joe Bruhin, Fox AR
  • Third Place: Large Bottle Vase – Tom Turner, Mars Hill NC
  • Honorable Mentions
    • 3 Holed Arranger Vase – Laura Korch, Ypsilanti MI
    • Vase – John Glick, Farmington Hills MI
    • Bird in the Grass – Nancy Darrell, Marshall NC
    • Wire Cut Vase – Bacia Edelman, Madison WI

The juror was William Farrell formerly of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Vasefinder Nationals is an online invitational competition where each exhibitor is to present their “interpretation of a pottery vase”. It is the brainchild of Mr Charles Blim, an avid and knowledgeable collector and supporter of the arts.

On his web site, , Mr Blim not only presents the Nationals, but he has compiled an online historical database of hundreds of potters and clay artists that he has researched, artist showcases, pottery links and articles, and various other interesting tidbits of information. My conversation on the phone with him earlier this summer revealed a refreshingly genuine and enthusiastic individual who is very much interested in clay and placing a focus on and supporting the artists, while educating the public of pottery’s extensive tradition and diverse history. He explains his mission quite well on the web site.
Please feel free to check it out to learn more.

Peacock Feather Motif Vessel
Approx 4.5″ H x 3.75″ W

Anne Webb, Webb Pottery, Magnolia Springs, 2006

This vessel was recently listed on ebay:
Item #130017712794
under Art: Self-Representing Artists category

If you would like to see more raku pieces, please visit our web page and click on the “Original Art Works” section.


Raku Pottery Vessel

Purple Tulips, Stylized Floral Design
Approximately 9.5″ H x 5.5″ W

Anne Webb, Webb Pottery
Magnolia Springs, 2006

I’ve been layed up for the last week because of some surgery I had last Friday. Not much fun when you have 2 little kids and a million things to do on a normal day, including find the time to make pots. Not overdoing it is a challenge, but thankfully every day gets a little bit easier to maneuver.

When I am incapacitated, Lowell has a tendency to bring home all kinds of things. Sick toys he calls them. When I was a month away from delivering my first little girl, Halley, he brought home a puppy. Then when I was pretty far along with my second, he brought me a turkey…yes the kind that walks around, not one that just sits quietly in the freezer. Einstein the turkey grew to a pretty good size and liked to sit on your lap and try and peck the freckles off your leg…. but that’s another story for another day….

Lowell came home last week with 2 “pre-sugery sick toys” ….kittens which, luckily are incredibly laid back and pathetic, and take the presence of a 2 yr old in stride. so that is relatively stress free.

But even more exciting is yesterday he came home with a little wooden boat in the back of the truck. Its a sturdy 12 foot cypress dore that, with a few small little additions, will be perfect for exploring those little tributaries off the Magnolia River not 2 minutes from the studio. If you can move quietly over the glassy water, there is lots of local plant, bird, and other animal life to catch in a perfect position to photograph. ..something you just can’t quite do from shore. Not only a medatative way to spend a few hours on my own, but great inspiration for new pottery designs.

Hopefully be back to throwing next week.

Have a few events scheduled for the fall and should have more juicy details for you sometime soon.

Tropical Storm Chris looks like its petering out, thankfully. Only three and a half more months of hurricane season to go. yippee skippy.

My name is Anne Webb and I'm a studio potter living and working just outside of Magnolia Springs, on Alabama's beautiful Gulf Coast. Please leave comments!
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